Perspectives on
social transformation
in the community sector

Welcome to Social Transformation.

This project is brought to you by a collective of female leaders in Montreal’s not-for-profit sector that has been working on a resource for sector leaders, and future leaders, covering various relevant topics relating to transformation in the social space over the last two decades.

Our goal is to demonstrate the complexity of the sector, to highlight the influence and contributions women have made, to outline the challenges they have faced and to recognize their expertise. Topics range from eradicating racism to evolving from religious roots, from how donor habits changed to advocacy’s role in organizations, from strengthening Indigenous voices to building capacity and more.

The project was initiated by Sally Richmond, executive director of Logifem, who noticed there was little available in Quebec for social sector leaders, particularly very little written by women when the majority of organisations are led by women. Sally gathered a small committee of not-for-profit leaders to evaluate the possibility of co-writing a book on the transformation of the social sector in Quebec and from that collaboration this website was born.

Our hope is that this website becomes an important tool for capacity building in the area of social justice and that it elevates the sector as a whole.

Articles on Social Transformation

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The Power of Data

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